Why Build a Website?

As an entrepreneur you know that every spare cent earned by your business is best reinvested in assets that provide tangible returns. This may be equipment that either streamlines or improves the quality of the product or service you provide. After all, you have spent countless hours building and managing your business and countless more hours of mental energy strategizing to ensure its survival. You’ve built something good but now you need to get the word out.

You’ve heard that if something doesn’t exist online, it simply doesn’t exist. Truer words were never spoken (okay, some truer words were spoken – because this is logical absolutism, but you get the point). Your satisfied customers want to spread the word about you but often come off as sounding like your great Auntie Muriel who swore she saw a ghost on the Graaff Reinet pass back in 1965. You want to believe your auntie (because ghosts are cool) so you do your own search, but invariably find a trail of vague mentions and broken links if you find anything at all.

You know this, so you dutifully set up your Facebook business page, you’ve done it, your name is out there. Only nobody told you that Facebook is a shark that never sleeps and needs constant movement just to stay alive. You don’t have the time to create constant content to feed the shark, you’re busy launching the next phase of your business, giving your all to provide the best value to your customers, and honestly, you couldn’t be bothered.

Fay-doh offers a cost effective and low maintenance solution to this problem. A simple brochure website with built in social media links consistently direct customers to you business without time consuming marketing campaigns. Your business speaks for itself, create the platform for others to spread the word so that you can get on with what’s important. Seeing is always believing.

What We Do

Web Development

We build custom low-cost websites based on our “find me, phone me” philosophy. These websites come standard with landing and contact pages which include clickable call buttons, maps, email and social media icons.

Build on a budget and expand your web presence.

Web Design

All websites developed by Fay-doh are built with aesthetics and usability in mind. Customers will easily navigate your page without feeling as though they are trapped in a Chinese casino specializing in artificially induced seizures.


Graphic Design

Custom logos, advertisements or even a cartoon version of yourself catching that 50kg snoek you totally hooked before it got away. Fay-doh can create it for you.You don’t have to be content with a word in a circle, you could even have a circle word that spells circle. . if that’s what you’re into.

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